Fitness Rooms / Paula Shy & Sybil Kailena – Intimate orgasms for gym lesbians

Ever since that fateful day they met in aerobics class, Asian beauty Paula Shy has been enamored with Sybil Kailena. So, when the gorgeous Ukrainian invited Paula to lift weights with her, she couldn’t believe her good luck! The new gym buddies got down to business, doing squats and push-ups until they were both glistening with dewy sweat. Offering to help Sybil towel off, Paula carefully pats dry the Slavic babe’s big natural tits. Enjoying the feeling of Paula’s touch on her bosom, Sybil leans in for a kiss. This gentle opener soon becomes frenzied foreplay, as the two breathless Euros get naked on the yoga mats and spread each other’s tight pussies for a vigorous workout of lesbian lovemaking!